Coil Line Pre-Straightener and Shot Blaster

Draw Bench Carriage in Operation

Bar Line Shape Straightener and Exit Table

Saw-Cut Square Ends
• All of our rounds (above 3/4") and hexagons have a saw-cut square ends so that the full length of the bar can be utilized.

Smooth Surface Finish
• CCD purchases only the finest quality steel from the most reputable hot roll mills.

Exceptional Straightness
• CCD Steel bars are routinely straightened within 1/64" in any ten-foot length. The AISI specification requires only 1/8" in any ten-foot length... another reason why Cincinnati Cold Drawn should be your first choice in bar stock.

Comprehensive Inventories
• At Cincinnati Cold Drawn, we stock both hot rolled and cold finished steel in 12L14 and a variety of other grades, including 1000, 1100, 1200 and 8600.
Fast, Friendly, Reliable Service
• The professionals at Cincinnati Cold Drawn will make you look good! We will promptly process and ship your order.

• If you are a first time CCD purchaser, we will pay the freight on your initial order (as long as the shipping destination is within a 500-mile radius of our Cincinnati area plant).

We think that our products are the best -- BAR NONE! Please give us a call and put us to the test!

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